May 3, 2016

Open House May 5, 7pm Math Education at New Amsterdam

Join us this Thursday night, May 5 at 7pm.


Find out why New Amsterdam children love math!

With an emphasis on joy in learning, New Amsterdam math education meets the physical, emotional and intellectual life of each individual child, thus engaging the hands, heart and mind.

The curriculum at New Amsterdam School is unlike any other in downtown Manhattan. It weaves art, movement and music into academic pursuit. It engages not only the intellect, but also the heart and hands. As a result math is fun! Discover “The Town of Mathematica”! Join us for this event and learn more about our unique approach to math education.

The New Amsterdam classroom nurtures reverence for the wonders of nature, gratitude and respect for others and the development of self-discipline. Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring students with a genuine inner enthusiasm for learning – fostering academic excellence, artistic expression and critical thinking skills. We educate the whole child – enabling children to take initiative and change the world.

With speakers Jamie Loftus and Rob Gilson.

Jamie Loftus, with many years of experience teaching the Waldorf approach to Math from First Grade through High School, and Rob Gilson, formerly a math teacher at a New York City Charter School and who now teaches at the progressive Blue School, will be speaking of their experiences and their shared belief that Math can and should be accessible, engaging, creative and fun.