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TUITION 2018-2019:

Early Childhood:

Sugar Maples: $8,200

Silver Maples: $12,500

Willow Garden and Juniper Dell: $25,400

Grades One through Three:

Grades 1 – 3: $32,000

Afternoon Programs:

Robin’s Nest for Silver Maples, from January (1 – 3:15pm, M-W): $2,973

Robin’s Nest Plus for Silver Maples, from January (3:15 – 6pm, M-W): $3,603

Robin’s Nest for Willow and Juniper (1 – 3:15pm, M-F): $7,755

Robin’s Nest Plus for Willow and Juniper (1 – 6pm, M-F): $17,280

Village Peeps After-school Classes for Grades 1 – 3 (3:15 – 5pm): Included in extended day tuition for Grades 1 – 3. $36 per class session a la carte.

Extended Day Program:

Five extended days for Willow, Juniper, and Grades 1 – 3 (8am – 6pm): $42,550

Sliding Scale and Tiers in Grades 1 – 3:

We will retain our tier system in that the tiers offer a guide by which to judge likely tuition cost using only income. We are adding a more subtle sliding scale to allow tuition fees to more closely match each family’s precise circumstances. The amount of tuition due will depend on assets, number of children, and other factors. The application for tiers below the first is through TADS. Tier four is for our SEE scholarship recipients.

Tier One: $32,000 income above $190,000

Tier Two: $24,000 income near $160,000

Tier Three: $12,000 income near $100,000

Tier Four: $320 income below $45,000

2018-2019 Guide to Tuition Assistance at New Amsterdam School

We believe that all children benefit from an educational environment that is heterogeneous rather than homogeneous. New Amsterdam School actively seeks to become ever more diverse in multifaceted ways, one of which is in the economic realm. We recognize that the full cost of independent school tuition is outside the realm of possibility for some families who know that our school is the right place for their children and therefore wish to join New Amsterdam. We also acknowledge that our neighborhood is one that is particularly diverse socio-economically, and out of our desire to serve this community as a valued member, we are concerned with making a New Amsterdam education affordable to a wide range of families.

Families are expected to contribute the highest amount possible given their circumstances, and New Amsterdam cannot support lifestyle choices that disable a family in terms of their ability to pay tuition. However, we do support parents’ choice to work in professions that are traditionally lower paying, such as teaching, and we understand that life circumstances sometimes lead to incomes that do not sustain independent school tuition.

For all of these reasons, New Amsterdam has a generous tuition assistance program. Full tuition does not cover the cost of a year of education at New Amsterdam and so, in that way, even families paying full tuition benefit from some assistance from our generous donors. All families are asked to give to the greatest extent possible to our auctions and annual appeals in order to support our core mission, which includes being a diverse community.

Application for tuition assistance is confidential and is completed online through TADS, which is accessible directly from our website. Applications are reviewed by the school director, who then assembles the relevant information to be shared with the Tuition Assistance Committee in a completely anonymous manner. The Tuition Assistance Committee is made up of the school director, a greater community member, and the finance coordinator. The school director is the only person who sees the names and the financial details of each of the applicants. The greater community member remains anonymous and is invited to join the committee each year by the school director. The finance coordinator is privy to the end result of the process in that she knows the tuition assistance offered to each family. The admissions coordinator, who advises the committee, is given the list of names of those who have applied so that she may offer any relevant perspectives, but she is not privy to an financial information and does not participate in decision making.

The Tuition Assistance Committee endeavors to award the funds available to as many families as possible, while prioritizing equal need in this order: current students, siblings, returning students, and finally new students along with anyone in the preceding groups who has not met the application deadline. Many aspects of a family’s circumstances are taken into consideration by TADS. Aspects not taken into consideration by TADS may be communicated in writing directly to the Tuition Assistance Committee via the school director at the time of application. Awards may not be appealed unless a family’s circumstances have changed since the original application. This is out of respect for the complicated nature of awarding a percent of our expected incoming tuition. If more funding becomes available following the completion of the process, it will be saved to be used for families who come mid-year and to meet the emergent needs of families whose ability to pay tuition changes during the school year.

A percent of the total projected tuition revenue for early childhood classes is set aside to assist families unable to pay the full tuition. This means that the more families we have enrolled, the more assistance we have to give. For 2018-2019, that amount is 18%, which is consistent with the prior year. For grades 1 through 3, we will continue to use the tier system as a guide. However, we will now work with a sliding scale to finely tune a family’s contribution to tuition fees based on their TADS application.

New for 2018-2019 is our SEE: Socially Equitable Education scholarship. We will offer a sliding scale down to 1% of full tuition for up to four grades students new to NAS and from this area who are experiencing significant financial hardship and who bring ethnic, linguistic, or cultural diversity to New Amsterdam. The scholarship application process is identical to the regular tuition assistance application process, with the addition of the possibility of fee waivers. Fee waivers for admissions applications as well as TADS applications can be requested confidentially by parents who think they qualify for the SEE scholarship by contacting the school director.

Please note: Current New Amsterdam families who receive tuition assistance will be asked to deposit either 15% of their tuition costs for this school year or the standard 10% of new tuition, whichever is lower, and this will be reflected in the re-enrollment contract.

December 18th is the priority application deadline for current families. Applications received after this will be handled with the new student applications. Award letters will be sent by February 5th.

January 29th is the priority application deadline for new families. Award letters will be sent by February 12th.

February 16th is the deadline to accept a tuition assistance award, for both current and new families.

 SEE_ Socially Equitable Education