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Lending your talents to help with the current and future programming of the school is a great way to get involved.  There are a variety of volunteering opportunities available.  You can volunteer with the school by coming to the community meetings and by getting involved in committees or simply by e-mailing Jennifer Chace at: jennifer.chace@newamsterdamschool.org.  Even if you are unsure how you can help, contact us and we can match your interests, talents and times to the many jobs at hand.

Current volunteering efforts are taking place in the following areas:

Resource Development and Events

This group works with our current development plan to evaluate and implement a variety of fundraising options, such as a winter fair, spring auction, spring fair, etc.

Enrollment and Outreach Committee

Our enrollment and outreach committee meets each week on Friday mornings from 9:00am – 10:00 am to prioritize our schools marketing work, to work on marketing campaigns and overall strategies. We review design projects together as well as help with admissions event planning. We are currently looking for parents with design backgrounds and also experience with social media and advertising.

Craft Cooperative

The craft cooperative meets every Friday in an informal way. It is a time to learn crafting skills, such as knitting, felting or doll making; share patterns and ideas; or simply to connect with other parents. The craft cooperative has created many of the knitted, sewn and felted items the children use at the school, as well as many of the beautiful items we sell at our fundraising events.

Buildings and Gardens

One of the magical parts of the children’s day is their time in the garden. Our garden’s beauty and cleanliness depends upon the hard work and attentiveness of our parents.  Signing up for the garden committee is wonderful way to get in touch with nature, learn about how community gardens work and create a positive experience for our children.


Our parent “class representatives” help build relationships between families within the classes, organize the parent meetings and act as liaisons between the faculty and parents.