Elementary School

Class teacher: Ms. En Wong
5 days a week, 8:30 am–3:15 pm
Grades 1 – 3: $32,000 

2018 – 19 first, second and third grade applications are now being accepted. Each consecutive year we will add another grade until we reach 5th Grade. We use a rolling admissions process, although January 29th is our deadline to apply for tuition assistance.

The Waldorf Curriculum Through the Grades

The students at the New Amsterdam School follow a curriculum that integrates the sciences with art and the humanities. We teach the core subjects in daily main lesson blocks in which we discover and delight in one topic for a two hour period over the course of four weeks.  This generous rhythm allows students the time and opportunity to penetrate each subject, whether history or biology, mathematics or geography, thoroughly and with purpose.

Language Arts:  Grade 1) writing & reading, poetry & speech exercises  Grade 2) composition  Grade 3) grammar and punctuation   Grade 4) book reports   Grade 5) parts of speech & sentence diagrams

Math:  Grade 1) addition, subtraction, multiplication & division   Grade 2) place value & expanded number range   Grade 3) measurement, long division & double digit multiplication   Grade 4) fractions, estimating   Grade 5) decimals, metric system

Science:  Grade 1) nature studies   Grade 2) animal stories   Grade 3) agriculture & gardening   Grade 4) zoology   Grade 5) botany

Social Studies:  Grade 3) indigenous cultures, traditional stories, farming   Grade 4) local history and geography   Grade 5) ancient cultures, geography of North America

Art, Crafts, and Music:  Grade 1) crayon drawing, watercolor painting, beeswax sculpture, form drawing, knitting, pentatonic recorder   Grade 2) crocheting, symmetric form drawing, diatonic recorder, singing in rounds    Grade 3) drawing with colored pencils, sewing, note reading on recorder   Grade 4) illustration for study of zoology, cross-stitch, drawing of Celtic knots, instrumental music, woodwork   Grade 5) botanical drawing, orchestral music, knitting with four needles

Foreign Language: We offer Japanese and Spanish language instruction. The language is shared through songs, games, artistic activities. 

The grades classes meet five days a week from 8:30am until 3:15pm and our Village Peeps after-school programs run from 3:30pm until 5:00pm




The New Amsterdam School admits children of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.