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In September 2014, New Amsterdam introduced our pioneering First Grade Class.

2016/17 First and Second and Third Grade applications are now being accepted. Each consecutive year will add another grade until we reach 8th Grade. We are also offering rolling admissions to our grades classes for the current academic year.

Please contact our Admissions Office with any questions or to arrange a visit to witness this very special educational experience in action.

Children entering our First Grade are considered developmentally ready for Waldorf First Grade by the evaluating teachers at New Amsterdam.

The Waldorf Curriculum Through the Grades

The students at the New Amsterdam School follow a curriculum that integrates the sciences with art and the humanities with practical activity.  We teach the core subjects in daily main lesson blocks in which we discover and delight in one topic for a two hour period over the course of four weeks.  This generous rhythm allows students the time and opportunity to penetrate each subject, whether history or biology, mathematics or geography, thoroughly and with purpose.

Language Arts:  Grade 1) writing & reading, poetry & speech exercises  Grade 2) composition  Grade 3) grammar and punctuation   Grade 4) book reports   Grade 5) parts of speech & sentence diagrams   Grade 6) expository, descriptive, and narrative writing   Grade 7) library & research skills   Grade 8) theme and character analysis

Math:  Grade 1) addition, subtraction, multiplication & division   Grade 2) place value & expanded number range   Grade 3) measurement, long division & double digit multiplication   Grade 4) fractions, estimating   Grade 5) decimals, metric system   Grade 6) percent & practical business math, geometry   Grade 7) algebra, graphing of equations   Grade 8) manipulating of polynomials, quadratic equations, solid geometry

Science:  Grade 1) nature studies   Grade 2) animal stories   Grade 3) agriculture & gardening   Grade 4) zoology   Grade 5) botany   Grade 6) physics, geology   Grade 7) inorganic chemistry, physiology, astronomy   Grade 8) organic chemistry, meteorology

Social Studies:  Grade 3) indigenous cultures, traditional stories, farming   Grade 4) local history and geography   Grade 5) ancient cultures, geography of North America   Grade 6) ancient Rome, geography of South America   Grade 7) renaissance, age of exploration, European geography   Grade 8) civics & government, world history to present, geography of Asia and Africa 

Art, Crafts, and Music:  Grade 1) crayon drawing, watercolor painting, beeswax sculpture, form drawing, knitting, pentatonic recorder   Grade 2) crocheting, symmetric form drawing, diatonic recorder, singing in rounds    Grade 3) drawing with colored pencils, sewing, note reading on recorder   Grade 4) illustration for study of zoology, cross-stitch, drawing of Celtic knots, instrumental music, woodwork   Grade 5) botanical drawing, orchestral music, knitting with four needles  Grade 6) calligraphy, sewing a stuffed animal, full repertoire of musical styles (through grade 8)   Grade 7) work on sewing machines, clay modeling, perspective drawing   Grade 8) black and white drawing, mixed media

First Grade Painting