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We are currently accepting applications for our 2017-18 school year for grades 1 – 2, kindergarten and nursery. To find out more, please email

New Amsterdam School Spring Fair

Spring fair

Join us for this glorious event in celebration of Spring!

The Spring Fair will feature:

  • Fairy Forest & Puppet Show;
  • Magical Meadow Craft Room (with exciting new crafts!);
  • Marigold Market and Auction & Clothing Sale;
  • Mother Nature’s Garden (now with musical interlude!);
  • New Amsterdam Seasonal Cafe (with delicious meals complimentary of New Am parent chefs!);
  • Lemonade Stand & Bake Sale;
  • and our very own Pocket Fairy

Saturday, May 20, 10am – 1pm
Admission is free!
Activity tickets required for activities
Tickets available day of

Visit New Amsterdam and discover our unique, thoughtful and caring approach to educating the whole child.

Tours are offered every Thursday morning. Please email Kaarin, our Director of Admissions, to join us :

Introducing Tiered Tuition for our Grade School

  • Tier 1  : $25,000
  • Tier 2  : $18,500
  • Tier 3  : $12,000

We aim to offer a workable tuition for families who want to partake of all the many wonderful things that New Amsterdam has to offer: a unique, home-like environment with excellent, committed teachers, a superior level of academic instruction, one-on-one instruction as needed, music, cello, art, Japanese language, and so much more.

As a guideline, applicants who earn $125,000 a year or less can expect to qualify for Tier 3 and pay $12,000 in tuition. Applicants who earn approximately $125,000-175,000 per year can expect to qualify for Tier 2 and pay $18,500 per year in tuition. Applicants earning more than $175,000 per year can expect to pay the full tuition of $25,000 (Tier 1). Please note we will also consider a family’s debt and assets when determining tier qualifications.